Alan Greenberg

Welcome to my page! My name is Alan Greenberg, and I am a professional magician based in Montreal, Canada. With over a four decade of experience in the entertainment industry, I have honed my skills to create an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.

Montreal is my home, and I love nothing more than performing magic in this vibrant city. Whether it’s a birthday party, a private or corporate event, I always bring a sense of wonder and excitement to every performance.

I specialize in parlour magic, which means I perform tricks right in front of your eyes using everyday objects. I am also skilled in stage magic, where I use larger props to create a stunning visual spectacle.

From corporate events to weddings, birthday parties to trade shows, I can customize my show to fit any occasion. I am always happy to work with clients to create a performance that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

My passion for magic started at a young age, and I have since studied to refine my craft. I am constantly updating my repertoire with new tricks and illusions to keep my shows fresh and exciting.

Thank you for visiting my page, and I look forward to bringing my magic to your next event in Montreal or beyond.

For booking call  514-585-4240 or email